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Image File Formats

Every image is captured as a high-resolution RAW file and processed using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Bottles are masked by hand, resulting in an image with a transparent background. Files are are then saved in three formats in order to give you the most flexibility when it comes to working with your images.

JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg) files are saved at their highest resolution and are suitable for printing photographs and marketing materials. In order to have an image that is ready for web use, a second version of each photo is sized and sharpened for viewing on the internet. Bottles will be shown with a white background.

PSD (.psd) files are layered Photoshop files. A masking layer is included in order to have a bottle image with a transparent background. These are saved at their highest resolution and can be used in marketing and design work. This file format is the most often requested by graphic designers.

PNG (.png) files are web-sharpened images of the bottle with a transparent background. PNG files may often be uploaded to the web in place of a JPEG.

* Other file formats, custom file sizes and drop shadows available upon request.